Features of football betting on 1xbet

Football betting on 1xbet is very popular and the bookmaker provides a wide range of options and features for players. Here are some of them:

  1. Lots of tournaments and matches: 1xbet offers football betting all over the world, including popular leagues and tournaments such as the Champions League, English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and many more.
  2. Variety of bets: You can place standard bets on a team’s win, draw or defeat, as well as special bets such as odds, totals, double chance and many others.
  3. Live betting: 1xbet offers you the opportunity to bet on football matches in real time. You can analyse the course of the game and place bets based on the current situation.
  4. Statistics and analytics: The bookmaker provides extensive statistics and information about teams, players and previous matches. This can help you make more informed decisions.
  5. Special offers and bonuses: 1xbet offers various football related bonuses and promotions such as free bets, cashback and others.
  6. Betting on specific events: You can bet on various events within the match such as the number of corners, yellow cards, first goal and others.
  7. Live streaming: The bookmaker provides live streaming of many football matches, which allows you to follow the game and react to the changes in real time.
  8. System bets: 1xbet allows you to make system bets, which allow you to combine several events in one bet and increase your chances of winning.
  9. Cash Out: With the Cash Out feature you can close your bet before the match is over and take a portion of your winnings or minimise your losses.
  10. Mobile App: 1xbet provides a mobile betting app, making the process more convenient and accessible anytime and anywhere.

Remember, football is a predictable but sometimes unpredictable sport and even with good analytics and strategy, there is always an element of chance. It is important to manage your bankroll, bet responsibly and remember to be cautious.

What types of football betting at 1xbet are there?

There are many types of football betting on the 1xbet betting platform, including:

1. Standard bets:

  • Win (1, X, 2): Selecting the winner of the match.
  • Double Chance: Bet on two of the three outcomes of the match (1X, X2, 12).
  • Totals: Betting on the total number of goals/points in a match.
  • Handicap Betting: Betting on handicap.
  • Result in all halves: Betting on the outcome of each half.

2. Specialised Betting:

  • Bettors: Bets on the top scorer of the match or championship.
  • Goalkeeper Betting: Betting on the actions and achievements of goalkeepers.
  • Corner and Penalty Bets: Betting on the number of corners and penalties.
  • Yellow and Red Card Bets: Bets on the number of cards in the match.

3. Specialised Betting on Events in the Match:

  • First Goal: Bets on the first scorer in the match.
  • First Goal Time: Betting on the time when the first goal will be scored.
  • Penalty Shootout: Betting on a penalty kick in the match.

4. Specific Bets:

  • Team and Player Betting: Betting on teams, players and their achievements.
  • Correct Score Betting: Betting on the exact score of the match.
  • Betting on Statistics: Betting on statistical indicators such as the number of corners, fouls and others.

5. Live betting:

  • All of the above types of bets are also available in live mode, allowing you to bet during the match.

6. System bets:

  • Combination bets such as Trios, Supertotal, Yankees and other system betting options.

7. Special offers and promotions:

  • 1xbet offers various special bets and promotions such as Bet of the Day or Championship Specials.

8. Basket:

  • You can collect bets in a basket and place multiple bets at the same time.

Each type of bet has its own peculiarities and rules. Before placing bets, it is recommended to familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions for a particular type of bet on the official 1xbet website.

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