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VIVO IPL 2017 Results is going on and 4 teams have been qualified for playoffs. Mumbai Indians which was on form from starting excepting the first game that they loss against RPS by 7 Wkts than the team under Rohit Sharma Captaincy shows their class and sick on the top position throughout the tournament. KKR also shows its best and remains on the second top position till the last match before playoffs and then the position was captured by RPS which shows their classy game throughout the tournament, though their tarting was not that good but still any how they manage to become the second top team.

Last time Finalist RCB were remains unlucky this IPL 2017 and remains at the bottom of the ipl points table by just winning 3 Matches.

Four teams that Qualifies for playoffs are

1.) Mumbai Indians with 20 points and Net RR +0.784.

2.) Rising Pune SuperGiants with 18 Points and Net RR +0.176.

3.)Sunrisers Hyderabaad with 17 points and Net RR +0.599.

4.)Kolkata Knight Riders with 16 points and Net RR +0.641.

1st Qualifier Match MI vs RPS Result

1st Qualifier match that was played between RPS and MI on 16th May in Mumbai was won by Dhoni and team RPS, with amazing knock of 40 runs on just 26 balls with the strike rate of 153.85, Dhoni played in his style and hits 5 Magnificent sixes. Dhoni innings help RPS to made a fighting score 162/4. After this, Washington Sundar shows his classy bowling style and took 3 wickets in his 4 overs giving just 16 runs.

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Date Team Winner
05 Apr SRH vs RCB SRH 35 runs
06 Apr RPS vs MI RPS 7 Wkts
07 Apr GL vs KKR KKR 10 Wkts
08 Apr KXI vs RPS KXI 6 Wkts
08 Apr RCB vs DD RCB 15 Runs
09 Apr SRH vs GL SRH 9 Wkts
09 Apr MI vs KKR MI 4 Wkts
10 Apr KXI vs RCB KXI 8 Wkts
11 Apr RPS vs DD DD 97 Runs
12 Apr MI vs SRH MI 4 Wkts
13 Apr KKR vs KXI KKR 8 Wkts
14 Apr RCB vs MI MI 4 Wkts
14 Apr GL vs RPS GL 7 Wkts
15 Apr KKR vs SRH KKR by 17 Runs
15 Apr DD vs KXI DD 51 Runs
16 Apr MI vs GL MI 6 Wkts
16 Apr RCB vs RPS RPS 27 Runs
17 Apr DD vs KKR KKR 4 Wkts
17 Apr SRH vs KXI SRH 5 Runs
18 Apr GL vs RCB RCB 21 Runs
19 Apr SRH vs DD SRH 15 Runs
20 Apr KXI vs MI MI 8 Wkts
21 Apr KKR vs GL GL 4 Wkts
22 Apr RPS vs SRH RPS 6 Wkts
22 Apr MI vs DD MI 14 Runs
23 Apr GL vs KXI KXI 26 Runs
23 Apr KKR vs RCB KKR 82 Runs
24 Apr MI vs RPS RPS 3 Runs
25 Apr RCB vs SRH Match abandoned
26 Apr RPS vs KKR KKR 7 Wkts
27 Apr RCB vs GL GL 7 Wkts
28 Apr DD vs KKR KKR 7 Wkts
28 Apr KXI vs SRH SRH 26 Runs
29 Apr RPS vs RCB RPS 61 Runs
29 Apr GL vs MI MI (1- over eliminator)
30 Apr KXI vs DD KXI 10 Wkts
30 Apr SRH vs KKR SRH 48 Runs
1 May MI vs RCB MI 5 Wkts
1 May RPS vs GL RPS 5 Wkts
2 May DD vs SRH DD 6 Wkts
3 May KKR vs RPS RPS 4 Wkts
4 May DD s GL DD 7 Wkts
5 May RCB vs KXI KXI 19 Runs
6 May SRH vs RPS RPS 12 Runs
7 May RCB vs KKR KKR 6 Wkts
7 May KXI vs GL GL 6 Wkts
8 May SRH vs MI SRH 7 Wkts
9 May KXI vs KKR KXI 14 Runs
10 May GL vs DD DD 2 Wkts
11 May MI vs KXI KXI 7 Runs
12 May DD vs RPS DD 7 Runs
13 May GL vs SRH SRH 8 Wkts
13 May KKR vs MI MI 9 Runs
14 May DD vs RCB RCB 10 Runs
14 May RPS vs KXI RPS 9 Wkts
16 May MI vs RPS Qualifier- 1 RPS 20 Runs
17 May SRH vs KKR Eliminator KKR 7 Wkts
19 May MI vs KKR Qualifier 2 MI 6 Wkts
21 May RPS vs TBD MI 1 Run

Mumbai Indians lifted the VIVO IPL 2017 Trophy winning Final Match beating RPS by 1 run. It was last Over RPS needed 11 of 6 balls . Smith was in form and playing at 51.

19.1 Manoj Tiwari was on Strike, hits Mitchelle Jhonson for FOUR on the very first ball of the over.

But you never know what is to be happen.

19.2 Manoj Tiwary tries pull it at long-on, but this time it was straight in pollards hand. OUT. It was a dot ball for MI  but Smith is on Strike now.

19.3 Jhonson to Smith, Lovely shot by Smith going and going towards boundary, BUT OHHHH  He gives in hands to the only fielder there and OUT Caught by Ambati Rayudu.

Pune lose their two important wickets on two consecutive deliveries. Now Pune needs 7 of 3.

19.4 Jhonson to Washington Sundar 1 Run.

Roars out Their MUMBAI MUMBAI Now Mumbai is the Favourite Here.

19.5  Jhonson to Christian 2 runs.

Still a hope as Pune needs 4 on the last ball . Will Pune make It ?

19.6 Jhonson to Christian He hits Harder Completed 2 Runs Running for Third But OUT . Ohhh My God So its MUMBAI  The Champion of VIVO IPL 2017. MUMBAI became the only team to win 3 IPL Final. Rohit Sharma leads MUMBAI INDIANS and brings 3 IPL TROPHY.

MAN OF THE MATCH :- Krunal Pandya for his Out-Standing Batting.