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Team has no problem even with less practice: Kohli clean for London, best of three match in future WTC final: Shastri DAVIN Indian team will leave for England today, Indian captain not worried due to lack of preparation,

Mumbai AJC: Indian captain Virat Ek It will be common for two Indian teams to play together Kohli World Test Championship (WTC) against New Zealand Mumbai, Agency: Indian captain Virat Kohli keeping the players spirited and his team up for the finals Kohli on Wednesday indicated that it is difficult to achieve mental pause.

Not worried about is a cricketer amid Corona pandemic. You would have been imprisoned in the same area because they believe that the experience of playing in England, the way they are mentally exhausted in the past, and the daily routine, give them a bio-bubble (to protect against corona.

In such a situation, two Teams have an essential understanding of the NOPLE situation in the future. Given the time the Indian team is forced to live in different places since June, it will be common to come and play.

During the time of DAKS worldwide, players from two different places live in a bio-bubble during the World Test Championship online press conference against New Zealand in Southampton Virat Kohli and Ravi Shastri on Twitter for two Indian teams to play the tournament at the same time.

It will become common practice to play about the challenges. Kohli has spoken. “Despite playing in the final (WTC), the workload can only be three days before,” Kohli said.

Kohli said that if the Indian team under the captaincy of New Zealand, besides New Zealand, reached the host country in the early hours of Thursday for mental health and his team only four, the WTC final against the practice and the aspect is also important. It will be in today’s era.

After that, the team had a great series from 4th August onwards and even the sessions they get, some five Test matches against England when you go on the field and the room five Test matches against England, we put up a tough competition’s not a problem.

He said, ‘We will go to play the series. When I return, you will have someone like this to play a series—all these things in New Zealand happening minded. In the four practice sessions before the match, the second-rate Indian team in July would not place that team from your game right now against England.

He said, “It is not that we also have no problem because we play in limited-overs series – You can go for a walk or eat or play a two-Test series on the ground in England for the first time, we are sure that a team will go to Sri Lanka.

Kohli said, going out for coffee and saying, Whereas India England knows what we can do as to how the situation is here and manage the workload to the players just so that I can freshen up. Go through quarantine after arriving,g and even if you are,e any of us all Have played in England.

Not again, but there is a big factor coming from the bio-bubble, which will not be overlooked. Three days out of this, one is accustomed to the kind of conditions in the hotel, be it with the team or the mentality of the hotel  India-A Can go for recovery from fatigue.

We have to stick to making this team. If the field with the right mindset, for players like Siraj, even a break Is required.

said, ‘We have worked hard,d and we are not Kohli’s team’s departure, so we are not bothered by it, so you are the first and ‘due to the existing structure and the mental pressure that has been wanted for a long time,’

he said in the previous press conference. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . which ‘You can get out on the ball in the pas,t or you can just get out on the file,d and we are playing in the kind of structure of the occasion, it affects the players.’ We also want to take advantage of the difficult time of getting wickets by having a full schedule.

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