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India’s 1st ODI 1st ODI against Sri Lanka on 13 July NewDuniya News Network, New Delhi. The schedule is as follows: The senior team captained by Indian captain Virat Kohli is currently on a tour of England.

His second ODI is to play the World 16 July Test Championship final against New Zealand from 18 July 13 June. After this, that team will play the third ODI series against England on 18 July.

During, the first T20 another Indian team will go to Sri Lanka to play the limited-overs cricket series on July 21, the second T20, July 23 in July.

In this, those players will be kept who have not gone to England 3rd T20 on 25 July. The telecast of this series will be tweeted by Sony Network, which played the final on October 15.

First, it was finalized and informed that the first ODI was to be held on October 10, then 18 matches would be played on July 13. Team India was three- on the Sri Lanka tour planned to be held in October. The three-match ODI and T20I series will be played by the BCCI office-bearers.

is there any offer for IPL betting tips?

Yes, we have an offer an IPL betting tips online service. You can ask IPL betting tips expert Kabir sir on WhatsApp 8770626339

It started with said that it would be held in the UAE from 19 September to 13 July and the final match ‘IPL’ would start. It is known that it will be played on July 25. After all these corona-infected matches of some players being at the same ground, Colombo, IPL will be played at Premadasa Stadium on May 4.

The ongoing 14th season of the IPL was postponed, now the IPL will be held on 15 October. Total finals of the 14th season: 29 matches postponed due to Corona were played while the 14th season of IPL took place.