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BCCI to stake claim for ICC tournaments New Delhi, Agency: BCCI will give Rs 10 crore to Olympic contingent to organize big tournaments every two years BCCI assured from 2024 New Delhi:

BCCI tops eight starts to qualify for Tokyo Olympics During the tournament council meeting of the year, the preparation cycle of players to Tokyo will be on Sunday for qualifying for the shorter formats Olympics and for other purposes.

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The Sports Ministry and India have decided to claim to talk to 10 Olympic Associations for the preparation and training of the players of the countries who have hosted the global competitions apart from both the World Cups. It decided to give Rs.

After deciding the mode of payment, BCCI President Sourav will go to the meeting. As the kit sponsor, the decision was taken in the emergency meeting of BCCI’s Apex Council Ganguly and Secretary Jay Shah also present to withdraw from the Chinese company Li Ning.

Be aware A senior BCCI senior has said that BCCI champions this amount, of course, the team’s official said, ‘Apex Council r) trophy, ACT-20 World Cup and a) Rs 10 crore for this.

It will help in many ways, in which approval has been given to host the ODI World Cup. The use of this fund includes training and preparedness.

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Lee has decided to bid. A yo senior official said, ‘Yes, we will do it in addition to the Champions Trophy in Sourav Ganguly file photo, ANI Le 2025.

The Apex Council will include the in-principle trophy on this, due to the compensation 3 of the domestic players agreed upon in the T20 World Cup to be held in 2028.

The ICC recently announced that the ODI World to be held in 2031 to decide the modalities of not hosting after 2017 is the next future. Apart from this, the BCCI also decided to set up a 10-member committee to claim the hosting of the Cup in the Tour Program (FTP) of the Champions last season’s Ranji Trophy.

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