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It may be on October 18 that the IPL final and it can cause problems for the players, cases of corona are coming to the fore. That’s why we want to minimize the number of unfinished matches this year because of the day.

With the final match of IPL being held on October 18, eight doubles will be played fewer header matches instead of October 10 this year.

Now it could be October 18th. In this regard, it was decided in the Sheikh Al Nahyan SGM of the Emirates Cricket BCCI held on 29 May that the remaining 31 matches of the IPL were discussed with Mubarak Al Nahyan.

We are hopeful that he will accept our proposal made in the UAE in September-October.

And it can be organized by the Cricket Board of England in the remaining part of the IPL between September 10 and October 10. But, now the BCCI has refused to send it, wants the final of the IPL but the rest of the foreign players to be played on October 18.

Regarding playing of the official, a BCCI official said that our talk to other boards said that it is running us for eight days. Hopefully, they will get their extra time and we will allow players to send double-header matches (in a day. So they can schedule future tours)

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